Web Design & Development

I have been developing websites for 15 years. I've worked on small, single-page websites and also on large corporate sites that have hundreds of pages, several languages, and complex functionality. Regardless of the size, all sites share the same basic principles: they need to be easy to use, fast to load, and provide the user with valuable content. They also need to work and look good across various devices and different screen resolutions. By using Responsive Web Design (RWD), sites can automatically adapt to the user's device and screen size, ensuring a good user experience regardless of the device used. A site that has been optimized for mobile will also help you rank better in search engines.

WordPress Development and Enterprise Content Management

WordPress is my Content Management System of choice. It's very easy to use, implement and customize. I always recommend it to my clients so they can easily update their sites after launch. If you are not familir with WordPress, I recommend you watch this video from WP101. I can develop custom themes, install plugins, or customize pre-made themes. I also have experience working with Enterprise-level Content Management Systems, such as SharePoint and Sitecore.

Pardot, Email Campaigns & Landing Pages

As a Certified Pardot Specialist, I can help you create and/or manage your Pardot digital marketing campaigns. I have also experience with other platforms, including MailChimp, Marketo and HubSpot. These services provide you with great reporting tools that help you assess how your campaigns are performing. It's important that you have a unique, customized look for your emails and landing pages, and a short, direct message, so they can be appealing to your audience.

Custom Programming

I specialize in PHP, MySQL and jQuery. I've done a wide range of custom programming, including contact forms, application forms, database integration and API integration. If you are in need of some custom programming, contact me so we can discuss it.

Recent Projects

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